Off Roading

Amazing adventures await you! ATV, Jeep or buggy riding. Pleasant easy trails, to rock climbing trails. What is your comfort zone? Nice and easy or wild and crazy? 😀

There is so much to see and do. I have witnessed some outrageous off-road adventures. We have taken the jeep, the side by side and even once the pickup truck. That was a hair raising journey that took us an hour to travel three miles. That day my driver had to get out of the truck and check the next turn to assure we weren’t going off a cliff! Yikes 😛

Take a ride with your dog right to the waters edge and take in the beauty around you. Our dogs love to swim in the lake. Just a few seconds from the lake and the whimpering begins. They remember what a great time the lake is and so will you. The morning sunrise or the evening sunset there is so much beauty and no two days are the same.

Take your paddle board with you or just be prepared for a leisurely walk. There is such a vast variety of walking to do. It’s easy to just get lost in your thoughts.


Jason-at the lake